Tattoo Time: A tribute to Tim Cahill’s Body Art

Tattoo Tribute Time again where we celebrate tattoos and the Polynesians who rock them, in anticipation of the TELESA book launch. I hope I don’t need to remind you that this blog feature is about TATTOOS and nothing else.

Today’s feature is the first Samoan to achieve worldwide legendary status as…no, not a rugby player. No, not a wrestler. No, not an American Football player. As a SOCCER player. (Heck, did you even know that Samoans played soccer well enough to make millions? I didn’t.) Drumroll please! May I present for your tattoo viewing pleasure:

Cahill was born in Sydney, Australia to a Samoan mother and an English father of Irish descent and was encouraged to play football as a child. He is now the most famous Samoan athlete worldwide ( after the Rock) Soccer fans have given him the nickname “Tiny Tim” after the Charles Dickens character due to his being slightly short and slim.

But can’t see anything ‘Tiny Tim’ in this pic.

Umm, or this one? (Good things come in short and slim packages?)

Tim had his tattoo done in Samoa in 2008 and shared the story of its significance at this website: My Tattoo “My tattoo is about my family and my culture. It was done in 2hr intervals. The sorest part was inside my arm. That’s why I put my family’s names there as I hoped it would ease the pain…it shows the things that are most important to me in my life.”

We love Tim Cahill’s tattoo. And we’re kind of entranced with Tim Cahill too…

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  1. I never knew that we have a Soccer player, that's awesome. Thanks for sharing. Because I'm kinda annoyed by the stereotypes of Samoans being wrestlers and football players. Well I guess we're moving on up in the world. 🙂

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