Strange Stuff Samoans Say (and Do)

We love to tell people we havent seen for awhile –

                           “Oka! Ua e lapoa!”…  “Ohmiheck you’re so fat!”

We especially love to say this to our relatives who are skinnier than we are.

Shut your eyes and visualize it. A really REALLY large Samoan woman, several times larger than you, hugging you, suffocating you with her over-abundance while exclaiming very loudly, “Talofa’e. What happened to you?! You so fat!” And you have to grin and bear it because she’s your auntie and all your extended family are looking on. Nodding their heads in agreement at your fatness.




  1. Ha! That is funny! Love the cat with sexy overflow!!! Grin and bear it.., probably the easiest way to get out if it; unless you want to point out the truth… And you know how dangerous THAT can be!

    1. I hear ya – my husband always says, “why dont you say something back to them…like ‘Yes Ive put on weight but only because Im trying to catch up and get as fat as you.’ Of course I cant possibly say anything remotely close to that! lol

  2. Hi Lani, Love the new pad 🙂 And yes…Just returned from 4 weeks in the motherland and it was my skinny bones uncles that kept saying, “Oka”. So i guess compared to them they were on the money. But they cannot beat my robot moves so I am still the most awesomest niece. I say flaunt your natural talents.

    Looking forward to seeing you here again in your new digs 🙂

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