The Bone Bearer – Cover Reveal

The Bone Bearer - Cover Reveal

I’m excited about the cover for the next book in the TELESA Series. Designed by Talia Brown of Talia Design with photography by Penina Momoisea and our stunning model, Stacie Ah Chong-Levi. This book will be released in a few months. I appreciate everyone’s encouragement and support – and patience as I get Leila and Daniel’s story finished.



  1. Agghhhhhhh!!!!! It’s beautiful!!!! I love it so
    Much!!! I can’t wait until it comes out!!!!! I’m going to HAVE to get the paperback just because I need to show off this cover…(as if I didn’t do the same for the other covers)….people think I’m crazy for getting multiple versions of the same book….I just say…when you love something you want to have it in every possible way you can….I love this book cover the most out of them all…..

  2. This cover is HOOOOOT!!!!! And how about the fact that I am right now. At this very moment, rereading Telesales-The Covenant Keeper and Leila is having a POWERFUL encounter with Matavanu, the volcano, after carrying 6-foot Jason (sigh) down to safety! PERFECT COVER, Lani!!!! The artist & model ROCK!!!

  3. OmGee …. This cover is awesome!!! I really, really, really wanted to know what Leila’s Malu looks like. And it looks just as beautiful as I’d imagined!
    Waiting with barely contained patience. I love this series.

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