Jon Snow

Possessive "Angry Face" Love

                              Show your angry face!
There are cousins staying at our house. Which we are really enjoying because there are children all the same age as my Fab5 so plenty of fun, laughter and festive season spirit around here right now.

Except for Bella. Her place as the youngest has been usurped by her 3yr old cousin Isaiah, a gorgeous little boy with near blonde hair and an impish smile. It’s difficult to be the spoilt rotten, Princess of the house when there’s another child younger than you are. Last night as I was putting her to bed, she confided, “I love you and Dad and everybody. But not Isaiah. I don’t love him.”

“Oh, that’s not nice. He’s your cousin and your friend. I love him.”

She burst into tears. “No Mama, don’t love him. Dont!”

It was getting late and I wanted her to hurry and go to sleep so I could do very important things. Like read Game of Thrones Book 3. So I rushed to shush and agree with her. “Ok, I won’t love him. I only love you. Now go to sleep.”

That wasn’t enough for her. She needed more. “Don’t smile or be happy to him. You have to show him your angry face. Your mean face.”

I wanted to protest that of course I don’t have a mean face. How dare! But like, I said, I really needed to get to that very important task that was waiting for me. Finding out what Jon Snow was up to. And who the Dragon Queen was blowing up next with her dragons. “Ok, ok, I wont smile at him. I will only look super mean and mad.”

That wasn’t enough for her. She still needed more. “Practise it Mama. Go on. Practise your angry face so I can see it.”

So we did a few practise ‘angry face’ demonstrations until finally she was satisfied. And went so sleep. Finally. Game of Thrones!

I thought the matter was resolved. Bella was feeling a little neglected and just needed a little bit of extra reassurance and love. She would be fine. She would forget all about this conversation. Ha. This morning I walked out into the kitchen where Isaiah was having breakfast. I smiled and said, “Good morning handsome!”

Bella frowned. Burst into tears. Stamped her foot. “Mama, where’s your angry face! Don’t be nice to him. Show him the angry face!”

I think dealing with a pack of angry Wildlings or even a Dragon Princess would be easier than soothing the troubled waters of Bella’s little cousin rivalry. Possessive love. It’s vicious. I wonder though, do we grow out of it as adults? Hmm, have you ever been guilty of a little ‘angry face possessive love’?