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  1. Love every book…..and I can’t wait to read the next one…..I’ve bugging the librarians to buy the book already…
    mannn when i started reading the book I couldn’t put it down…I got a grueling from my mum the other day when she told me to go and study for my upcoming exams…so I went in my room and kept reading….5 minutes later my mum found me on my bed reading with my school bag in my sisters room….tsk tsk tsk….not my fault the book is interesting….yeah I got a grueling but I don’t regret anything because I didn’t miss anything out….

  2. how do i buy your books?, im after ‘when water burns? …awesome awesome as storyline, im inlove with Daniel 🙂 lol

  3. Continue writing – I have to keep reading about Daniel. *he takes my breath away. Love the trilogy – I hope you continue. Nice ending to the third book. I have read all three books [ihave to admit – its AWESOME!] loved it.


  4. Hello Lani,
    Just read Telesa, The covenant Keeper! AUOI!! I love the plot and how you have developed the characters and bring them out of mythical stories! Daniel and Leila, what can I say? I confess I always picture myself as the heroine of the story especially when she is feisty, beautiful, intelligent and most importantly has the love for her Tanielu! I must say that your writing talents far exceeds The Twilight Series (no offense) and I hope that we get to see your works on the big screen with our own talented Samoan People starring in it. God bless you and may you bring more vibrant and beautiful works for us all! Ia manuia!

  5. Hi lani I’m very express and very happy to read your books, I didn’t known that any Samoan books is out all over the world, like your writer, one of my friend she had your first book telesa I was very express by your first book, once I reading the first page and my mind was it’s like I’m watching movies by that time, even your second book, I’m really want all your books I wish that if I had your first and second book and I will always read all over again and again. I can’t wait to read your 3rd book about Leila and Daniel. Email me please

  6. Lani you are honestly amazing! So my family and I all took a trip to Samoa and while I was in town I wanted to check out any possible bookstores around and I heard about SSAB. It wasn’t like my usual authentic bookstore back here in Australia but it was still pretty good (I mean, i found your book in there so it must be pretty good). Anyways it was a dreadful pouring day and it was rush in the store, as my dad got his Matai book, I was rushed to pick out a novel. So at first I picked up a small sized book that was in Samoan (thought it would be a nice change) but then it was quickly discarded at the price of $80. I was in such a huge rush, as your book caught my eye and I was definitely intrigued, I ended up picking up The Bone Bearer and started heading off to the car that was already filled with the amount of passengers it was meant for. It wasn’t till I got back home to Aus and I settled to read whenever I was missing the islands, and it was then I realised I picked up book 3 in the Telesa series, I’ve got to admit this was not the first time I’ve done this. I read on anyways and I fell in love with the characters, when I was finished in less than 48 hours, I was upset at the fact I didn’t savour the moments and read slowly but it was just too hard for me to put the book down. In this period of time, I’ve become this 17 year old girl who is on her mission to seek Book 1 & 2 of the Telesa series in Australia, wish me good luck because I want to experience the relationship between Leila and Daniel and all the other troublesome characters whose background I have yet to learn. Lani you are truly inspirational, as I have learned over my years that a Samoan peer is most unlikely to reach great achievements, but of course in your honour that statement is faulted, and as I am a Samoan peer, it gives me great hope for my future. BUT! I will say that at the end of The Bone Bearer, I was truly disappointed, and I have been waiting for this moment throughout, for Keahi and Teuila to form a relationship and have an establishment. I truly believe that Keahi and Pele only had intimacy and a connection because they were both Fanua Afi, but I could be wrong, I mean I haven’t even read book 1 & 2 yet. But overall, Lani I deeply appreciate the fact that The Bone Bearer is within my bookshelf like it belongs, so thank you.

    P.S Simone is definitely a person I want in my real life and not in my imaginative world were stories are filled. Darrrhling, he is fabulous.

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